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Creature Feature: Steamer Ducks

Steamer ducks, consisting of four species of waterfowl, are pretty odd animals. They are unusual for ducks in several ways, including the fact that they weigh many times more than most ducks and are largely incapable of flight,  with the … Continue reading

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A Murder of Crows: West Nile in the Winter

By Mitch Hinton It’s fall and winter is rapidly approaching. For many in Davis this brings to mind mildly cooler temperatures and wetter conditions (we hope). To me however, as a bird enthusiast, fall signals the influx of migratory American … Continue reading

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Field Notes: Alli’s First Season Studying Tree Swallows in Davis

This is my first field season studying birds, which means that this is the first year that my friends and family call me with their anecdotal bird encounters and sightings. Sometimes I know the answer – like the territorial female … Continue reading

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Field Notes: Arctic Spring

Greetings from Alaska!  For the next few months, I’ll be sharing occasional photos and updates from my field work at Toolik Lake Field Station studying a small migratory songbird- the Gambel’s White-crowned sparrow.

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Secret Serenades: Why Animals Use Whispered Songs and Calls

When you step outside in the springtime, your senses are often inundated with the warmth of the air, the smell of flowers, and the songs and calls of numerous species of birds. The loud, broadcast songs that you are hearing … Continue reading

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Scholar Holler: Ellen Ketterson, Ph.D.

Ellen Ketterson is a Distinguished Professor of Biology and Gender Studies at Indiana University.  Selected by students at UC Davis to give a Storer Lecture, she talked with Ethogram writer Helen Chmura about her life studying the evolution, behavior, and physiology … Continue reading

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Featured Creature: Pitohui

You don’t really hear about venomous birds very often. Venomous snakes and spiders, sure, but not birds. That is because there is no species of bird that makes its own poison. However, that has not stopped a few species from … Continue reading

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Fun Fact Friday: Unihemispheric Sleep

Some species of cetaceans (whales and dolphins), like the boto, sleep with only half their brain at a time! This adaptation, called unihemispheric sleep, allows them to surface in order to breathe.  For more on other animals that also practice unihemispheric … Continue reading

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Field Photo: Grey crowned crane

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Fun Fact Friday

When you google image search “baby crow,” the first picture that pops up of an adorable, fluffy bird is not actually a crow!  It’s a buff-banded rail, a species not even closely related to the crow.  Real baby crows are … Continue reading

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