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Best (Elephant) Friends Forever! Do elephants need besties?

Many elephants in zoos show warning signs that cause managers and scientists to be concerned about their welfare. Among these signs are the expression of abnormal, repetitive behavior (called “stereotypic behavior”), poor reproductive success, and high levels of obesity1,2. Could these issues … Continue reading

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Resurrecting the Ice Age Giants: A Behavioral Perspective

Extinction may not be forever. With recent technological advances, it may eventually be possible to bring species back from the dead. Within our lifetime, we could see woolly mammoths roaming the Arctic tundra. Last week, a team of scientists made … Continue reading

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Scholar Holler: Ellen Ketterson, Ph.D.

Ellen Ketterson is a Distinguished Professor of Biology and Gender Studies at Indiana University.  Selected by students at UC Davis to give a Storer Lecture, she talked with Ethogram writer Helen Chmura about her life studying the evolution, behavior, and physiology … Continue reading

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