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Creature Feature: Cuttlefish

You’ve most likely heard of squid and octopii, but have you ever seen their close relative, the Cuttlefish (Order: Sepiidae)?!  There are about 120 species of cuttlefish around the world, exhibiting an amazing array of behaviors and fascinating physiological adaptations. Like … Continue reading

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Featured Creature: Torquigener Pufferfish

Pufferfish. They are toxic (tetrodotoxin, to be precise). They can inflate when threatened to become huge, unwieldy balloons that are hard to eat. Most species have spines. These are things that just about everyone knows about Pufferfish. However, this is all that … Continue reading

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Animals have personality. Here’s why it matters.

Personality in dogs is no surprise to dog owners. But what about other animals? It turns out that animal personality is not rare. The existence of personality in animal populations matters for a contemporary and ever-increasing phenomenon… Continue reading

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Why You Should Choose Your Friends Wisely: Collective Animal Behavior

Humans are not the only animals that are able to organize themselves into coordinated groups or societies. Some animals exhibit incredible feats of coordination, but unlike us, they do so without a leader or a global view of the outcome, … Continue reading

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