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Scholar Holler: Dr. Michael Sheehan

Dr. Michael Sheehan is currently finishing up a Ruth Kirschstein National Research Service Award postdoctoral fellowship in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at UC Berkeley working with Prof. Michael Nachman. Next month, he will be starting as an Assistant Professor in Neurobiology and Behavior at … Continue reading

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Featured Creature: Panda Ant

There are some really cute insects out there, and one genus of especially cute insects is the genus Euspinolia, called the Panda Ants. Panda Ants are actually not ants at all, but instead are wasps of the family Mutillidae, commonly called … Continue reading

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The Cricket Chorus

At some point in your life, chances are you’ve stood outside on a warm summer night and listened to the sounds produced by a natural symphony of sorts. The countless crickets singing in a nearby field or garden create a … Continue reading

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Fun Fact Friday

Monarch butterflies use the sun to navigate on their long seasonal migrations.  Know what body part they use to sense the sun’s location in the sky?

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