The Ethogram is the official blog of the UC Davis Animal Behavior Graduate Group. Our goal is to bring you exciting animal behavior research from UC Davis and around the world.

What is an Ethogram? An ethogram is a list or catalogue of behaviors that are being studied in animal behavior research, or ethology.

Our logo was created by Young Ha for The Ethogram and is used with her permission.


1410678_10200804839305723_2101065736_oKatrina Brock uses mathematical and computational models to study behavior.  She is interested in the evolution of human food sharing and human-microbe mutualism.

Modified photoHelen Chmura studies breeding and migration in birds.  She is interested in how physiology helps animals respond to climate change.

Grace Davis studies the behavioral ecology of wild primates in Africa and Central America. Previously, she has worked with migrating Monarch butterflies, territorial lizards, and Burmese Python heart DNA. She is a graduate student in evolutionary anthropology at UC Davis, focusing her research on primate collective ecology, group decision making, modeling of social behavior, and foraging strategies.

Kelly Finn is interested in the intersection of complexity science and animal behavior, specifically in fractal-like patterns in individual behavior sequences and social network structure. Her current research involves rhesus macaques, but she has previously studied a variety of species, from tadpoles to elephants.

cameronCameron Jones has been interested in insect behavior since he was a kid. Previously he has researched the impact of invasive praying mantids and the tolerance of social huntsman spiders from Australia. His current interest is studying the adaptive fitness of animal personalities that arise due to developmental factors using the field cricket, Gryllus integer.

1922144_10153892940490461_23828474_nRyane Logsdon is interested in sexual selection, cooperative, and altruistic behaviors. She has researched display behavior in Anolis lizards, cognition in American Crows, and is currently studying mating behavior on the lekking Greater Sage Grouse.

IMG_5110Amelia Munson is interested in an animal’s behavioral responses to human induced changes in the environment. In particular she is studying how parental care can prepare offspring for the introduction of novel predators. She works with stickleback, a species of fish where the father engages in parental care of the newborn fry.

Tez Stair studies social animals of all kinds, and is currently investigating the reproductive strategies of female Wood Ducks (Aix sponsa). Tez earned his BS and BA at The Evergreen State College, in Washington State, and previously worked as an English teacher in the South Korean city of Gwangju.


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