About Young Explorers

Welcome to the Young Explorers’ page! Here you can find posts and resources for our younger Ethogram readers (K-12), who want to learn more about animals and the study of their behavior. You can navigate this portion of the Ethogram by using the Young Explorers dropdown menu to explore based on post type or by choosing the appropriate grade in the list below to see all posts that correspond with a given grade. The list can also be found at the bottom of every Young Explorers page. Happy exploring!

Ask a Scientist Submissions

If you or your Young Explorer would like to submit a question for one of our scientists to answer in our “Ask a Scientist” column, please follow this link.

Arts & Crafts Submissions

If you or your Young Explorer has created a homemade piece of animal art, then we’d love to see it! If you have a google account, you can submit artwork here. If you do not have a google account, follow the instructions here to submit your artwork.