Sci Hero: Dr. Ernest Everett Just

The Ethogram believes that science should be accessible and diverse in order to increase the sense of belonging within the science community. As a part of our continuing effort to make science a more inclusive field, we will be highlighting a โ€œSci Heroโ€ each month so that the next generation of scientists and naturalists may be inspired and identify with the diverse community that came before them.

Field Frame Friday: Sing it loud and proud!

Indri (Indri Indri) songs can be heard from kilometers away and serve to defend a pairโ€™s territory, advertise the position of the group within the territory, and maintain contact between group members even when far apart.  [Photo, recording, and caption by Meredith Lutz] Torti, V., Gamba, M., Rabemananjara, Z. H., & Giacoma, C. (2013). The…