Ask a Scientist: Beetles and Bacteria

Stealthy Shrimp asks, “How do bacteria take over a beetle’s body?“ Great question, Stealthy Shrimp! To answer this question, we should first think about the different relationships bacteria can form with beetles (and with insects in general). Some of these relationships are beneficial for both sides, while other relationships are only beneficial for one side….

Ask a Scientist: Feeling Salty

Mild-mannered Manatee asks, “Why can’t fresh water fish survive in the ocean?” What a great question Mild-mannered Manatee! To answer your question, we need to learn a little bit about osmosis. Osmosis is the movement of water from less salty areas to more salty areas across a membrane. Cells, like the ones in your body,…

Sci Hero: Dr. Roger Arliner Young

The Ethogram believes that science should be accessible and diverse in order to increase the sense of belonging within the science community. As a part of our continuing effort to make science a more inclusive field, we will be highlighting a “Sci Hero” each month so that the next generation of scientists and naturalists may…

Ask a Scientist: Caching

Why do I see some birds take seeds out of the bird feeder but hide them in our garden rather than just eat them?

Field Frame Friday: Sing it loud and proud!

Indri (Indri Indri) songs can be heard from kilometers away and serve to defend a pair’s territory, advertise the position of the group within the territory, and maintain contact between group members even when far apart.  [Photo, recording, and caption by Meredith Lutz] Torti, V., Gamba, M., Rabemananjara, Z. H., & Giacoma, C. (2013). The…