Fun Fact Friday: Unihemispheric Sleep

Some species of cetaceans (whales and dolphins), like the boto, sleep with only half their brain at a time! This adaptation, called unihemispheric sleep, allows them to surface in order to breathe.  For more on other animals that also practice unihemispheric sleep and the reasons why, take a gander at this article.

Fun Fact Friday: Tarantulas

If provided with water, tarantulas can survive for up to 2 years without food! Source: Baerg WJ. (1958). The Tarantula. University of Kansas Press, Lawrence, KS.

Primate Drug Use Revealed!

Think humans are the only species that use medicine? Think again! Primates use local plants and other items to…

Fun Fact Friday

When you google image search “baby crow,” the first picture that pops up of an adorable, fluffy bird is not actually a crow!  It’s a buff-banded rail, a species not even closely related to the crow.  Real baby crows are born altricial, meaning they are under-developed, unable to feed themselves, and featherless.  The buff-banded rail,…

Fun Fact Friday

Monarch butterflies use the sun to navigate on their long seasonal migrations.  Know what body part they use to sense the sun’s location in the sky?