Creature Feature: Whiptail Lizards

When most people hear “asexual reproduction” (offspring that come from a single parent) they think of single cells splitting in half, or maybe clonal plants. But did you know there are asexual lizards? Whiptail lizards (genus Aspidoscelis, formally Cnemidophorus) are common in the Southwestern US and Mexico and about one third of the 50-ish species are all female.

Creature Feature: Hoatzin

  The Hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin), pronounced “wat-sen,” is one of the strangest and most fascinating birds around. With an appearance like a miniature dinosaur, the hoatzin is the only extant member of its taxonomic order, the Opisthocomiformes.  Hailing from South America, these prehistoric-looking birds are uniquely adapted to live in the swamps and mangroves of the…