Field Frame Friday: Lessons on the Range

Vegetation sampling is a crucial part of research involving rangeland cattle grazing. It is a way to quantify how much and of what type forage cattle are consuming throughout the grazing season. It can help range and animal scientists understand grazing patterns and preferences of cattle while also looking at the environmental impact of grazing…

Field Frame Friday: Inside Out Lunch

Seastars literally turn inside out when they are feeding! To start their meal, stars will force open the shell of the invertebrate (such as the cockle shown here) using their underbelly suction discs, after which they insert their stomach through their mouth parts and into the shell. The stomach will secrete digestive juices that breakdown…

Sci Hero: Minakata Kumagusu

Minakata Kumagusu loved nature, folklore, and cultural traditions so created his own learning path that went far beyond the walls of a classroom!

Science Heroes: Minakata Kumagusu

Science Heroes: the column highlighting scientists and naturalists that if you don’t know, you should! This month highlights naturalist, folklorist, and philosopher MinaKata Kumagusu!