Field Notes: Life on Monkey Island

I’m finally back after a summer field season studying monkeys in Japan! My research was conducted on Koshima Island, the birthplace of Japanese Primatology and home to a population of almost 100 Japanese macaques. You may have heard of

Field Notes: Ryane’s first field season at Chicken Camp!

I’ve recently returned from my first field season and as I’m settling back into Davis, I wanted to take a moment to talk about my research in Wyoming studying the mating behavior of Greater sage-grouse! Sage-grouse are basically weirdly-awesome, tricked-out prairie chickens (thus, Chicken Camp). Greater sage-grouse are currently being considered for listing under the Endangered…

Field Notes: Frozen then fried…wacky weather on the tundra

Whew!  A lot has happened on the tundra in the past two weeks!  Since my last post the weather has gone from one extreme to another with multiple snow-storms and now blistering heat.  While I’ve been coping with the weather by switching between my parka and sunhat depending upon the day,  how do birds fare…

Field Notes: Alli’s First Season Studying Tree Swallows in Davis

This is my first field season studying birds, which means that this is the first year that my friends and family call me with their anecdotal bird encounters and sightings. Sometimes I know the answer – like the territorial female cardinals that are terrorizing my sister’s house in Virginia. But other times I wonder if…

Field Notes: Arctic Spring

Greetings from Alaska!  For the next few months, I’ll be sharing occasional photos and updates from my field work at Toolik Lake Field Station studying a small migratory songbird- the Gambel’s White-crowned sparrow.