Field Frame Friday: No hiking gear needed here!

In Iceland, sheep (Ovis aries) are allowed to freely roam the countryside to graze throughout the summer, with everyone from farmers to tourists banding together to round the sheep up and bring them back to their respective owners in the fall. These girls, aka the smattering of tiny white dots in the center of this…

Sci Hero: Katherine Johnson

The Ethogram believes that science should be accessible and diverse in order to increase the sense of belonging within the science community. As a part of our continuing effort to make science a more inclusive field, we will be highlighting a “Sci Hero” each month so that the next generation of scientists and naturalists may be inspired and identify with the diverse community that came before them.

Science Heroes: Katherine Johnson

Welcome to Science Heroes, the column highlighting incredible scientists and naturalists that if you don’t know, you should! This month highlights mathematician Katherine Johnson!

Field Frame Friday: Bird Bling!

When we catch adult white-crowned sparrows they get some extra jewelry. In addition to a metal band with a unique ID number, they get a unique combination of color bands so that we can identify individuals from a distance using binoculars. [Photo and caption by Carly Hawkins] Carly studies how bird songs influence mating strategies…

Creature Feature: Golden-crowned Sparrow

Once upon a time, in a land far from people, a tiny egg cracked in its nest. Slowly, a small beak pushed through, delicately casting pieces of eggshell aside. It was followed by dark grey bulges that were closed eyes, and finally a floppy, mostly featherless and helpless body that weighed only 3 grams [1]….

Field Frame Friday: Field (Research) Advisory!

Throw back! Animal behavior research takes us from the labs to field. While the field can be a particularly fun part of research for scientists like PhD candidate Amelia Munson it brings its own unique challenges. Here, Amelia battles wind, temperature and unstable ground to perform in-the-field dissections to better understand how pesticide run off…