Field Frame Friday: Slug Appreciation Day ft. The Banana Slug

If you are at all familiar with hiking in the woods of central and northern California, you may have come across an octopus’s terrestrial mollusk relative, the California banana slug (Ariolimax californicus)! Banana slugs have a mucousy membrane covering their body that is essential for breathing, mating, and deterring predators. This golden, slimy, charismatic invertebrate…

Creature Feature: Hawk moth

At first glance, the animal hovering near the flower looks like a hummingbird. She is colorful with whirring wings and can fly at speeds up to 25 miles per hour [1]. A closer look, however, reveals that she is a white-lined sphinx moth (Hyles lineata). Unlike many bees, she cannot bite or sting you [1]….

Field Frame Friday: Sun’s Out Tongue’s Out

Did you know that dairy calves perform a wide variety of oral behaviors? In this photo, you can see the calf beginning to stick her tongue out, right before she performs a tongue flicking behavior. These behaviors have been previously associated with coping with stress and can indicate frustration! Current work in the dairy industry seeks to…

Sci Hero: Dr. Asha de Vos

Dr. Asha de Vos uses teamwork, story telling, and curiosity to learn about blue whales and save the oceans!

Science Heroes: Dr. Asha de Vos

Science Heroes: the column highlighting incredible scientists and naturalists that if you don’t know, you should! This month highlights inclusive conservationist and blue whale biologist Dr. Asha de Vos!