A Story of Sex, Betrayal, and Murder

Imagine that you are a female gelada monkey, living in a large group of females under the protection of one alpha male. On one particular lackluster day in between your usual routine of naps, walks, grooming sessions, and meals of grass and grubs, an unfamiliar male arrives. He is intriguing, he is fascinating, he is……

Fun Fact Friday: Butterflies Taste with their Feet!

Butterflies and moths have smell receptors all along their antennae, legs, and many other body parts! Their feet also have taste organs that help them to be able to taste the sugars in nectar on flowers.

Fun Fact Friday! Venomous Lizards

There are two species of lizard with specialized venom in North America: the Mexican beaded lizard and the Gila monster. These lethal lizards contain venom in their saliva, and administer it into their prey when chewing.

The Drunken Monkey: Is Our Desire for Booze an Evolutionary Hangover?

The insatiable allure for alcohol comes in a variety of conspicuous forms, from severe alcoholism to the occasional beer with close friends, wine tastings, cocktail parties, and well…most of us remember those late Friday nights in college when you stumbled home *slightly* inebriated. As speculation has it, our alcohol intake may actually have an evolutionary…