Field Frame Friday: Pandas aren’t the only bamboo eaters around here!

Bamboo lemurs, like the northern bamboo lemur pictured here (Hapalemur occidentalis), are most well known for their specialist diet on bamboo. Some groups of the genus, however, are known to eat other grasses.

[Photo and caption by Meredith Lutz]

Eppley, T. M., Verjans, E., & Donati, G. (2011). Coping with low-quality diets: a first account of the feeding ecology of the southern gentle lemur, Hapalemur meridionalis, in the Mandena littoral forest, southeast Madagascar. Primates52(1), 7-13.

Mutschler, T. (1999). Folivory in a Small-Bodied Lemur. In New directions in lemur studies (pp. 221-239). Springer, Boston, MA.

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