Field Frame Friday: Fat Bats

Bats (Order Chiroptera), like this bat from Madagascar’s eastern rainforests, are important contributors to their ecosystem. In Madagascar, insectivorous bats consume insects that are detrimental to rice crops, a staple of Malagasy cuisine. Meredith photo-caught this bat on her trail camera set up for her fieldwork in Madagascar (read more about her work in this field notes piece from 2020) .

[Photo and caption by Meredith Lutz]


Kemp, J., Lรณpez-Baucells, A., Rocha, R., Wangensteen, O. S., Andriatafika, Z., Nair, A., & Cabeza, M. (2019). Bats as potential suppressors of multiple agricultural pests: A case study from Madagascar.ย Agriculture, ecosystems & environment,ย 269, 88-96.

[Edited by Maggie Creamer]

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