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Featured Creature: Weddell Seal

Animals have evolved to wonderfully conform to the environments in which they live, and animals that live in particularly extreme environments have some particularly amazing adaptations. One such animal is the Weddell Seal (Leptonychotes weddellii). With a large and stable … Continue reading

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Raging Battles on Beaches Near You

Up and down the west coast of the US and Mexico, thousands of Elephant Seals are gathering for the biggest event of the year… Continue reading

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Fun Fact Friday: Unihemispheric Sleep

Some¬†species of cetaceans (whales and dolphins), like the boto, sleep with only half their brain at a time! This adaptation, called unihemispheric sleep, allows them to surface in order to breathe. ¬†For more on other animals that also practice unihemispheric … Continue reading

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