Sunday Sketch: Giraffe Necks

Did you know?

Even though giraffes’ necks are around six feet long when full grown, they have the same amount of vertebrae as most other mammals. Those seven vertebrae have to be awfully long and strong, because male giraffes use their huge necks to fight other males for access to mates!


Sketch and fact contributed by Allison Lau

Source: Simmons, R. E., & Scheepers, L. (1996). Winning by a neck: sexual selection in the evolution of giraffe. The American Naturalist, 148(5), 771-786.


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  1. Mother hubbard says:

    Still looking for ori


  2. Mother hubbard says:

    Still love you! So very proud of your hard work. Stay brave. Be courageous. You are always 1 decision, 1 step towards a different life.


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