Field Frame Friday: Lemur siesta

This week we introduce a new biweekly feature: Field Frame Friday, where we feature some of the best pictures from our fieldwork.



Greater bamboo lemurs can be found in bamboo forests in the eastern rainforests of Madagascar. Their range, however, is severely fragmented, and the species is highly endangered (Wright et al., 2008). Here an adult female and her baby take an afternoon rest among the strands of bamboo in the Kianjavato Classified Forest, Madagascar.

[Photo and caption by: Meredith Lutz]

Wright, P. C., Johnson, S. E., Irwin, M. T., Jacobs, R., Schlichting, P., Lehman, S., Louis Jr., E. E., Arrigo-Nelson, S. J., Raharison, J.-L., Rafalirarison, R. R., Razafindratsita, V., Ratsimbazafy, J., Ratelolahy, F. J., Dolch, R., & Tan, C. (2008). The crisis of the critically endangered bamboo lemur (Prolemur simus). Primate Conservation23, 5-17.

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