Field Frame Friday: Grazing or lazing

Beef cattle (bos taurus) display individual differences in grazing behavior on rangelands such as those in California. Even same-breed cattle can exhibit a variety of grazing patterns, such as traversing more terrain, traveling further from water, and climbing higher elevation than their fellow herdmates.

[Photo by Nick Chudeau and caption by Maggie Creamer]


Bailey, D. W., Keil, M. R., & Rittenhouse, L. R. (2004). Research observation: Daily movement patterns of hill climbing and bottom dwelling cows. Journal of Range Management, 57(1), 20–28.

Bailey, D. W., Lunt, S., Lipka, A., Thomas, M. G., Medrano, J. F., Cánovas, A., … Jensen, D. (2015). Genetic influences on cattle grazing distribution: Association of genetic markers with terrain use in cattle. Rangeland Ecology and Management, 68(2), 142–149.

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