Field Frame Friday: World Lemur Festival!!

Although they may not look much like their more famous dancing sifaka cousins, woolly lemurs (Avahi) move by vertical clinging and leaping. Eastern woolly lemurs (Avahi laniger) like the one seen here are nocturnal, pair-living, folivorous (leaf-eating) primates only found in Madagascar. Madagascars’ 112 and counting lemur species are currently the most threatened mammal group in the world and are celebrated by the annual World Lemur Festival held the last week of Oct across the world. Avahi laniger is currently vulnerable to extinction due to hunting and logging throughout its range. 

[Photo and caption by Meredith Lutz]

Harcourt, C. (1991). Diet and behaviour of a nocturnal lemur, Avahi laniger, in the wild. Journal of Zoology223(4), 667-674.

IUCN. Retrieved from

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