Sunny Sketch: No Inkling of Ink

The dumbo octopus (genus Grimpoteuthis) is distinguished from its octopus brethren by its adorable ear-like fins that provide its namesake. However, there are also a few other characteristics that make this little creature unique. First of all, it is indeed a little creature compared to most other octopodes, with an average size of just 20-30 centimeters. The dumbo octopus also does not have an ink sac, one of the most iconic features of other octopus species! This is likely because the dumbo octopus lives in very deep waters (up to 4,800 meters below surface level) and so ink expulsion may not be a useful anti predator defense for these species.

Sketch contributed by Megan McElligott. Fact contributed by Adrian Perez

Source: Voss, G.L., 1982. Grimpoteuthis bruuni, a new species of finned octopod (Octopoda: Cirrata) from the southeastern Pacific. Bulletin of Marine Science32(2), pp.426-433.

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