Field Frame Friday: Fossa need some floss-a

The Malagasy civet (Fossa fossana) is a small terrestrial carnivore from Madagascar’s rain forests. Contrary to their name, they are not closely related to civets, but rather a part of the endemic family Eupleridae. They have a diverse diet including crabs, frogs, snakes, millipedes, rodents, and tenrecs. This photo was captured using camera-traps, a type of camera that automatically takes images or video anytime an animal passes in front of it.

[Photo and caption by Meredith Luz]

Goodman et al. (2012) Les Carnivora de Madagascar. Association Vahatra Guides Dur La Diverstié Biologique de Madagascar.

Goodman, S. M., Kerridge, F. J., & Ralisoamalala, R. C. (2003). A note on the diet of Fossa fossana (Carnivora) in the central eastern humid forests of Madagascar. Mammalia, 67, 595-598.

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