Sunday Sketch: Daddy Day Care

Titi monkeys (Callicebus cupreus) are studied not only for their monogamy, but also because fathers are actually the primary caretakers of the babies! Mothers will provide nourishment through nursing, but most of the time you’ll see the baby titi monkey clinging to their father for the first few months of their life. However, for families with multiple offspring, sometimes siblings will take turns to carry the newest addition.

Fact and sketch contributed by Lydia Chang through the Ethogram’s website. Lydia is a fourth year psychology major at UC Davis and is also pursuing a minor in professional writing. If you would also like to contribute content to the Ethogram, please fill out this form here.

Source: Schradin C, Reeder DM, Mendoza SP, Anzenberger G. Prolactin and paternal care: Comparison of three species of monogamous new world monkeys (Callicebus cupreus, Callithrix jacchus, and Callimico goeldii). Journal of Comparative Psychology. 2003 Jun;117(2):166.

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