Arts & Crafts: Conference Crafts

The final column debuting during our week-long Young Explorers’ launch is the “Arts & Crafts” column. This column will highlight the creativity of our young explorers as we publish their art submissions. If you are a Young Explorer and have animal-related artwork you would like to share, you or an adult can submit it by following these guidelines.

Over ten years ago, Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert Murphey, former Animal Behavior Graduate Group Chair at University of California, Davis, was invited to speak at an animal behavior conference in Brazil. At the end of Dr. Murphey’s talk, a child of about 6 years old gave this drawing to him. The child made the picture during Dr. Murphey’s talk as it is drawn directly onto a piece of paper from the conference. Other things you may have noticed about this picture is the Portuguese animal labels below each drawing and the number of legs on each animal. Thank you to the artist for sharing this artwork with Dr. Murphey and thank you to Dr. Murphey for sharing this artwork with us!

Artwork contributed by Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert Murphey. Artist unknown.

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