Sunday Sketch: Pray you don’t get punched by this mantis

Talk about some wild mechanics: Mantis shrimp (Order Stomatopoda) can really pack a punch! Their two forelimbs can accelerate at the same velocity as a gunshot and move so fast that the water around the limbs boils (called supercativation)! As the boiling bubbles collapse they create a shockwave that can kill prey even if they miss. The mantis shrimpสผs epic punch can break through shellfish, kill fish, and break through aquariums.

[Sketch and fact contributed by Karli Chudeau.]


Patek, S.N., Korff, W.L. and Caldwell, R.L., 2004. Deadly strike mechanism of a mantis shrimp. Nature428(6985), pp.819-820.

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