Field Frame Friday: GoT vs. GoaT

“The Mountain” may have been a fearsome Game of Thrones character, but these mountain goats, hiking high above King’s Landing (the walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia) on Mount Srđ, are anything but. Mountain goats in areas of human establishments are noted to be more alarmed by motor disturbances, such as cars on highways built near the region, than humans in close proximity. Not surprising – after reaching the summit of this mountain in mid-afternoon on a stomach full of gelato, I think the goats and I both knew they could defeat me in a Go(a)T-style match!

[Photo and caption by Blair Downey]

Pedevillano, C. & Wright, R.G. (1987). The influence of visitors on mountain goat activities in Glacier National Park, Montana. Biological Conservation, 39, 1-11.

[Edited by Karli Chudeau]

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