Sunday Sketch: Gone Fishing

Western gulls (Larus occidentalis) donสผt have the ability to dive for their food like other marine birds. Instead, they have other foraging methods such as: 1) picking up prey from the ground or intertidal zone, 2) surface dipping (pictured here), jump plunging (where they will jump off a rock and shallowly plunge head first into the water to attempt to catch prey), or stalk beach-goer picnics and dig through the trash. Gulls diet should consist of marine invertebrates and fish, so as tempting as it is to offer a bird a fry, resist feeding wildlife, for your safety and for their health!

Sketch and fact by Karli Chudeau

[Edited by Adrian Perez]

Source: Burger, J. (1988). Foraging behavior in gulls: differences in method, prey, and habitat. Colonial Waterbirds, 9-23.

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