Ask a Scientist: Large and in Charge

Wise Wolf asks, “What is the strongest apex predator and why?”

Awesome question, Wise Wolf! The answer to this question depends on what you mean by strongest. If you mean what apex predator has the biggest muscles, then the answer is the blue whale, as it is the largest animal on Earth! The blue whale eats krill, which are similar to tiny shrimp. This makes the blue whale a predator. Since these adult whales are too big for anything else to eat them, they are apex predators. In fact, the blue whale is the largest apex predator to ever live!


To learn more about Blue Whales, check out this video and this website!

If you have any questions about animals for our scientists, you can submit themย here.

Main image [Source]: A blue whale swimming underwater. Photo taken by Mike Johnson.

[Edited by Nicole W. Korzeniecki]

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