Field Frame Friday: Amazon Warriors… Assemble!

John Liu and Kirsten Sheehy brought their assembly A-game to the lab last week. These shelves are going to house the Laskowski Lab’s automated fish-tracking setup, which they will use to study the amazing Amazon molly’s (Poecilia formosa) behavior. They need to be strong enough to hold many gallons of water, but modular and flexible enough to allow the system to be rearranged for different projects. John, an undergraduate, has been largely in charge of designing and building this system and found the perfect shelving setup! It took the pair about one hour to set up the first shelf, but they cut their assembly time in half on the second one. They moved so fast that they forgot to set up the timelapse before they started… oops! 

[Time lapse provided by John Liu, caption provided by Kirsten]

[Edited by Maggie Creamer]

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