Field Frame Friday: Manic Males

In many primate species, males are the sex that leaves the group once they become sexually mature. Once males leave the group they were born into, they must go out and find a new group to join in order to find mates. However, when males try to enter a new group there is often some dissonance experienced from the resident males due to competition. This video shows the reaction of our resident group males (on the left side of the screen) showing their discontent with the new male arrivals (on the right side of the screen). Although this encounter did not escalate to become physical, there were lots of visual threats and vocal threats that can be observed to indicate that these new males are far from welcome. This video was taken during my 2018 field season at the Templar Park waterfalls outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

[Photo, video and caption by Josie Hubbard]

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