Field Frame Friday: We’re Baaaaaaaaack!

Just like this spooky little cormorant (Phalacrocoracidae), Field Frame Friday is back just in time for October! After a brief hiatus, Field Frame Fridays will now be posted every other Friday. This is no trick, but we are hoping these posts will be more of an anticipated treat with our slower schedule. See what I did there?

Cormorants are piscivorous (they eat fish) and forage for their prey in marine, fresh, and brackish water. There are about 40 different species of cormorants!

[Photo by Karli Chudeau, caption by Maggie Creamer]

Sibley, D., Elphick, C., & Dunning, J. B. (2001).Β The Sibley guide to bird life & behaviorΒ (No. Sirsi) i9780679451235). National Audubon Society.

[Edited by Maggie Creamer]

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