Sunday Sketch: An old wolves’ tale

Grey wolves are a Holarctic species that inhabit diverse habitats across the globe. These wolves have maternal origins that predate the Glacial Period. Two specific populations, the Tibetan and Indian wolves, were recently genome sequenced by UC Davis Ecology student, Lauren Hennelly, to explore their phylogeny. The findings show that the Indian wolf may be one of the world’s most endangered and ancient wolves! To learn more about these incredible findings, check out Lauren’s publication titled “Ancient divergence of Indian and Tibetan wolves revealed by recombination-aware phylogenomics.”

Sketch & fact source contributed by Lauren Hennelly.

[Edited by Isabelle McDonald-Gilmartin]


Hennelly, L. M., Habib, B., Modi, S., Rueness, E. K., Gaubert, P., & Sacks, B. N. (2021). Ancient divergence of Indian and Tibetan wolves revealed by recombination‐aware phylogenomics. Molecular Ecology. Published.

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