Sunday Sketch: Donkey Drawings

Did you know that UC Davis houses a famous donkey?! The son of Action Jackson, Action’s Protégé! He is the only donkey at the horse barn, and can be heard loudly braying all the way from campus. In addition to being noisy animals, donkeys are also historically sensitive to environmental change, a feature of great interest in our quickly changing global climate.

Sketch by Arden, Fact by @animaldrawingdavis & Isabelle McDonald-Gilmartin

Reference: Navas González, F., Jordana Vidal, J., Pizarro Inostroza, G., Arando Arbulu, A., & Delgado Bermejo, J. (2018). Can Donkey Behavior and Cognition Be Used to Trace Back, Explain, or Forecast Moon Cycle and Weather Events? Animals, 8(11), 215.

[Edited by Isabelle McDonald-Gilmartin]

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