Sunday Sketch: Giddy Goats

In recent years, a popular way to help control overgrown vegetation is to hire world’s cutest gardener—the goat! Goats will eat woody vegetation and dry grasses, making them efficient at clearing a field. Studies have shown they have a positive influence on vegetation composition.

Art by @heathertaylorsart, fact by Cassidy Cooper

[Edited by Isabelle McDonald]


Silva, V., Catry, F.X., Fernandes, P.M., Rego, F.C., Paes, P., Nunes, L., Caperta, A.D., Sérgio, C. and Bugalho, M.N., 2019. Effects of grazing on plant composition, conservation status and ecosystem services of Natura 2000 shrub-grassland habitat types. Biodiversity and Conservation28, pp.1205-1224.

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