Sunday Sketch: Humpback Whales

Humpback whales migrate some of the largest distances of any animal on Earth (over 8000 km for some)! During the summertime, they live in waters that are higher in latitude, where they feed on fish called krill. Then in the winter, they move to more tropical waters where they give birth to their calves.

Art by Nora Prindle, wildlife artist

[Edited by Isabelle McDonald]


Pack, A. A., Herman, L. M., Craig, A. S., Spitz, S. S., Waterman, J. O., Herman, E. Y., Deakos, M. H., Hakala, S., & Lowe, C. (2017). Habitat preferences by individual humpback whale mothers in the Hawaiian breeding grounds vary with the age and size of their calves. Animal Behaviour, 133, 131–144.

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