Field Frame Friday: Gobble Grabbin’

Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) can be common backyard birds in some cities—like here in Davis, CA! Texas A&M PhD Student Amanda Beckman visited Davis as part of a study spanning the country to learn more about the genetic and behavioral impacts that urban living might have on Wild Turkeys, receiving some help in the field from local grad students like Sage Madden (shown above). Here, a male turkey has been successfully caught using the “surprise hug” method, and a little sock has been slipped over his head to help him stay relaxed while a poop sample is collected for later genomic analysis.

[Photo by Amanda Beckman]

[Caption by Ian Ramshorn Haliburton]

Editor’s Note: These research activities do not harm the turkeys, and all necessary wildlife research permits were obtained for this study. Remember that wild animals should only be approached and handled by trained researchers!


[Edited by Ian Ramshorn Haliburton]

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