Sunday Sketch: Stinging Sea Jellies

Planning on swimming at the beach this summer? Learn some facts about sea jellies before you ask a friend to pee on a sting wound! Sea jellies have specialized cells called cnidocytes on their tentacles that contain structures called nematocysts. Nematocysts act like harpoons that deliver a venomous sting. Though people say that urine can relieve the pain from a sting, this is actually a myth! Urine can alter the make-up of the solution around the area and activate more nematocysts, making the sting feel even worse! Experts propose removing any remaining tentacles and washing the affected area with saltwater to help lessen the painful sensation instead.

Sketch contributed by Karli Chudeau and fact contributed by Lindsey Broadus

Source: Frost, E. (2013, August 30). Whatโ€™s Behind That Jellyfish Sting? Retrieved from

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