Field Frame Friday: Looked cute, might delete later.

While titi monkeys (Callicebinae spp.) are generally neophobic (i.e. afraid of new things), they do show wide variability in personality. This more adventurous coppery titi monkey (Plecturocebus cupreus) wanted to get a closer look at the camera lens! Pictured in the back is his six-month-old son.

[Photo by Alexander Baxter, Caption by Allison Lau]

Savidge, L. E., & Bales, K. L. (2020). An animal model for mammalian attachment: Infant titi monkey (Plecturocebus cupreus) attachment behavior is associated with their social behavior as adults. Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 25.

[Edited by Karli Chudeau]

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