Sunday Sketch: Anatomy of a Narwhal

Did you know that narwhals have two teeth, but neither are used for feeding?! Instead, they eat by slurping their food through their mouth. Recent studies showed that they may use their long spiral tusks to stun their food before eating it.

Art and fact by SquidToons (Dana Song and Garfield Kwan)

Edited by Isabelle McDonald-Gilmartin


Laidre, K. L., & Heide-Jorgensen, M. P. (2005). Winter Feeding Intensity of Narwhals (Monodon Monoceros). Marine Mammal Science, 21(1), 45–57.

Nweeia, M. T., Eichmiller, F. C., Hauschka, P. V., Donahue, G. A., Orr, J. R., Ferguson, S. H., Watt, C. A., Mead, J. G., Potter, C. W., Dietz, R., Giuseppetti, A. A., Black, S. R., Trachtenberg, A. J., & Kuo, W. P. (2014). Sensory ability in the narwhal tooth organ system. The Anatomical Record, 297(4), 599–617.

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