Sunday Sketch: Wombat Poo

Did you know that wombats (Vombatus ursinus) have cube-shaped poop? No, this is not a result of a square sphincter, but a slow digestive process that takes up to 14 days! A wombat’s intestine has horizontal ridges which molds the fecal matter into a cube shape, and then as most nutrients and water are absorbed, the feces keeps its cubic shape. Still asking why? Wombats have poor eyesight and are very territorial. They use their feces to establish their territory through smell, and the specialized shape prevents any poop from rolling away.

SS - KChudeau Wombat

Sketch and fact contributed by Karli Chudeau 


Gentle, L.K. (2016). Why do wombats do cube-shaped poo? The Conversation.

Evans, M. C. (2008). Home range, burrow-use and activity patterns in common wombats (Vombatus ursinus). Wildlife Research 35, 455–462.

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